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Piercing Pricing

Discover Our Wide Selection of Piercing Options and Pricing

Ear Cartilage Piercings Near me

Ear Cartilage

Many piercings fall into this category. Cartilage can take longer to heal than other locations. While these piercings may feel healed in a few months they can often become tender or inflamed on and off for the entire year healing time. We review the aftercare process with you and provided specific instructions on caring for your new piercing.

$40 & Up


This piercing is perfect for all ages! We offer several different jewelry choices for clients over 4 years old. For children 4 years old and  younger, we suggest our 14k gold screw back infant earrings. Please call and ask about the documentation required for minors.

$35 - $45 & Up

Earlobe Piercing Spartanburg SC


We offer a wide variety of nostril piercing jewelry. Both nostril and septum piercings are available with implant grade materials. These can take 6 months to one year to heal.

$40 & Up

Nostril Piercings Near Me
Navel Piercings Near Me


Navel piercings are technically a surface piercing which can require extra care. This piercing is not for everyone and we will need to evaluate the area to determine if it is well suited. These typically take 6 months to a year to heal.

$35 - $45 & Up


Eyebrow piercings can take 6 months to 1 year to fully heal. They are considered surface piercings and may require additional care.


Eyebrow Piercings Near Me
Lip Piercings Near Me


Oral piercings heal quickly because of the type of tissue they are in. Lips consist of the two types of heal times with the oral side and the skin side. Two weeks is the most common to change initial jewelry but the body still has work to do after downsizing. 2-4 months is required to change jewelry shape to a ring, as the lip is still healing. There are several options in lip piercings so price may vary along with jewelry choice.

$40 & Up

Tongue - Vertical

Tongue piercings are quick to heal but have some restrictions to keep it healthy during the process. You may change the initial jewelry in as little as one week but just realize your body is still healing for about 2 months on oral piercings.

$40 & Up

Tongue Piercings Spartanburg
Nipple Piercings Near Me


Whether you want one or two nipple piercings we would be happy to assist you. We use straight barbells in 14g for this particular piercing. Price is $45 for one and $65 for two. These feel healed in less than a week but take 6 months to one year to fully heal.

$45 and Up



These are single point piercings that are more "permanent" than your usual piercings. We are happy to discuss the options with you if you would like the anchor removed. Removals start at $10.

$50 & Up

Microdermal Piercings Near Me
Genital Piercings near me


We offer certain male and female genital piercings. They range in price from $60 - $75. All are done with implant grade stainless steel.

$60 - $75

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